Leading actors

David Scharschmidt as JACK JOHNES

Jack works in a big financial company and is a successful IT professional. He is a technology and social media enthusiast and interested in anything new related to that. Social networks are his expertise and he signed up with almost all of them. It is important for him to have access to the networks, everywhere and every time. Jack has many friends, but most of them in cyber space (not that many in real life). Jack is convinced his way of doing things is right most of the time and decides spontaneously and rashionaly. Jack is great in persuading others and usually gets what he wants. Alex is Jacks steady girlfriend since recently and she is the most important person in his life. He is madly in love with her. Even if he is smart and seems very confident, he also has a soft side to himself.


Alex (28) is Jack's girlfriend. She is an employee in a small family business and enjoys her job a lot. Alex is very happy with her life and sees no reason to change anything about it. Personal contacts (meeting friends, etc.) are very important to her. She thinks little about social networks and is sceptical about new technologies. It takes her a long time until she finally gives in and signs up. Alex puts things into question. She won't let anyone pressure her into situations she doesn't feel comfortable in and always thinks twice before deciding on anything. However, Alex can hardly say "no" to her boyfriend, which makes her seem a little naive.

Supporting actors


Dr. Michael Bilé (55) is the head of Better-Life Corporation. He founded the high-tech company in 2012. Better-Life is specialized in developing and producing neural interfaces. The doctor seems like a confidence, inspiring person, but is hiding something. Something bad. He is also responsible for the implantation of the B.L.I.S.S.-Technology.


Damian Walters (35) works for Better-Life Corporation and follows the doctor's orders. He is responsible for monitoring the B.L.I.S.S. volunteers.


Hannes Smiljkovski (Flyerboy)

Judith Gösch (Park Visitor)

Andrea Raffler (Park Visitor)